The Kinsman Foundation – The Grantmaking Process

The Kinsman Foundation

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The Grantmaking Process

We think grant application, review, processing and administration should be an informal sharing of information and development of ideas rather than an inflexible accumulation of marginally relevant data. We want to constantly review and develop our practices to address new or different circumstances.

We previously eliminated our formal grant application in favor of collecting information in whatever format is most convenient to the applicant. We try to ask for only the information our Directors need to make a fair assessment of your proposal and a grant decision.

There is an online grant application available through this website that is optional for this year. We’ve tried to make it easy, flexible and the most convenient format for grant applicants. Our goal is that it will become the primary method of applying for our grants.

If the application procedures we’ve adopted don’t make sense in your situation, please tell us so. We’re willing to adjust so the process makes sense for everybody.

We want our staff and Directors to be clear about what they’re doing and the decisions they make. Please let us know if you don’t understand what we’ve done. We’re willing to try to explain our decisions.

We rarely are presented ideas that we think are not important or valuable to our community. The vast majority of proposals we see are reasonable and significant, and a decision to decline to fund them is usually because we allocate our support among competing proposals, or because we view them as outside our interest area or our expertise.

Potential applicants are likely to be working with Keith Kinsman, our CEO who devotes about half his working time to grants, or Sara Bailey, our Grants Associate who reviews, evaluates, and processes applications, and corresponds with applicants.

To learn the details of our grantmaking process, please read Applying for a Grant.