The Kinsman Foundation

Kan Wah Chung building

January, 2011

The topic of grants is forefront in our minds as we prepare this update. We have completed our 2010 grant year, and have begun the 2011 cycle.

The changes we initiated in 2010 will continue through 2011 and into future years:

  • Grant decisions for proposals to the Betty Kinsman Fund for Arts, Culture and Humanities will be made in April, with a letter of inquiry deadline of February 15.
  • We will not consider routine small grants for the Betty Kinsman Fund for the balance of 2011.
  • The Health Care Policy interest area is discontinued.
  • Grant applicants are encouraged to use our online application.

For our 2010 grants, our Board awarded in April nearly $360,000 to Arts, Culture and Humanities grantees. Throughout the year, small grants in our other interest areas totaled approximately $136,000. The Board awarded about $652,000 at its September meeting, for a 2010 grant total slightly more than $1.1 million.

For 2011 we expect a similar pattern. We are likely in April to substantially exhaust our Betty Kinsman Fund budget with grants to current and former grantees in the theater, literary and photographic arts. Although other proposals will be considered, the likelihood of success is low.

Proposals in our interest areas of Historic Preservation and Native Wildlife Rehabilitation will be considered in September. We will retain continuous processing of proposals for grants less than $5,000 in these areas. Our total grants budget for 2011 continues to be slightly above the $1 million level.

Our financial position is similar to others’: we’re feeling a little better, but we’re not well yet. We remain confident the adjustments we have made to our investments will sustain our grantmaking at current levels for the foreseeable future.

The cast of characters in the office is the same. Our youngest family member, Ruby Bailey at 15 months, is growing up, and Val T. Dog is growing old. She used to be the Welcoming Watchdog, but primarily now she’s the Dormant Doorstop.

But this story should not be about us — it is about the work our grantees do. We continue to admire what they accomplish, and we hope they find sufficient support within their communities to thrive.

Keith Kinsman, President