Board of Directors

The Foundation Directors, in addition to typical legal and organizational responsibilities, make all grant decisions. They meet in April to decide all Betty Kinsman Fund grants, and in September to decide our larger Historic Preservation and Wildlife Rehabilitation and Appreciation grants. Throughout the year they review materials and decide small grants. The Foundation is pleased these family and community members serve as its Board:

  • Keith Kinsman, President
    Keith is an original director of the Foundation and has decided to begin his transition towards 
    retirement. He is currently a part-time Foundation employee.
  • Sara Bailey, Vice President
    Sara is the newest Board member and was welcomed in May 2015. She has been employed with the Foundation since 2006.
  • Pamela Reynolds, Treasurer
    Pamela began accounting work for John Kinsman in 1996 and gave up a successful small business in 2001 to join the Foundation.
  • Jack Schwab, Secretary
    Jack joined the Foundation board in 2001 as an adjunct to a career as a lawyer and development officer. He is currently enjoying retirement from a local nonprofit.
  • Paige Kinsman, Director
    After many years in the arts and owning a small business, Paige joined the board in 2005 from her (adoptive) home in California.
  • Shelley Bailey, Director
    Shelley became a board member in 2006. She recently retired from a position in social services after a career in the legal field.


  • Sara Bailey, Chief Executive Officer
    Sara joined the Foundation in 2006 as Grants Associate, and became CEO in May 2015. She is responsible for the overall management of the Foundation’s operations and activities, and directs the grants program.
  • Keith Kinsman, Chief Executive Officer Emeritus
    In May of 2015 Keith began working part-time with the idea of retiring in the not too distant future.
  • Pamela Reynolds, Chief Financial Officer
    Pamela oversees investments and investment managers while working from her home office.
  • Elaine Wood, Accountant
    Elaine began working for the Foundation in August 2007 as its full time accountant. She also manages Foundation facilities.
  • Kerry Woodke, Grants Associate
    Kerry came to the Foundation early in 2015 with a background in financial asset management. She reviews, evaluates and processes applications, and corresponds with applicants.