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Cascade Raptor Center
Wildlife Center
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Wildlife Center
of the North Coast

Native wildlife rehabilitation is the focus of this interest, and is almost exclusively limited to nonprofits managed by state- and federally-licensed wildlife rehabilitators. These programs offer urgent care of injured and orphaned wildlife native to Oregon and Washington.  We do not intend these grants to include policy, research, preservation or protection of wildlife habitat.

A small portion of our native wildlife budget is reserved for wildlife appreciation projects or programs that offer the general public opportunities to observe and appreciate the natural world. These activities will:

  • promote individuals’ stewardship of native wildlife and its natural habitat
  • enable people to understand and minimize their impact on the Earth
  • promote responsible enjoyment of wildlife in recreational settings.

Wildlife Rehabilitation grants are budgeted for approximately 15% of our total grants. Applications for Wildlife Rehabilitation grants larger than $5,000 must be submitted by August 1st of each year to qualify. These grants are scheduled for distribution in November. Inquiries for grants of less than $5,000 are processed throughout the year, and there is no application deadline. Small grant applications will generally require 6-8 weeks to review.