We think grant application, review, processing and administration should be an informal sharing of information and development of ideas rather than an inflexible accumulation of marginally relevant data. We want to constantly review and develop our practices to address new or different circumstances.

All applications should be made using our online application portal.* 

You can expect your application to go through this process: (each is explained in detail under Procedure)

Applying online
Online Letter of Inquiry
Grant processing
Additional information
Site visits
Grant decision
Grant agreement

* If web access is not available, you may send your Letter of Inquiry by mail, email or fax. Please include the information listed under “online Letter of Inquiry”. A typical Letter of Inquiry is one or two pages — enough to give our decision-makers a general overview of your request.

If you have completed a common grant application such as the one adopted by Philanthropy Northwest, or if the information we ask for is available in some other document or format, you may substitute or submit the information in the alternative form.

You may contact us for information about grant eligibility, the online grant application or most any other question you may have.

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